Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Pressure ulcer risk assessment

Roger Watson, Editor-in-Chief

An article by Coleman et al. (2014) titled Developing a pressure ulcer risk factor minimum data set and risk assessment framework and published in JAN re-visits the problem of pressure sores and brings together a stellar team of international researchers.

In their own words, the aim of the authors in this National Institute for Health Research funded study was 'to agree a draft pressure ulcer risk factor Minimum Data Set to underpin the development of a new evidenced-based Risk Assessment Framework.'

The risk factors included in this consensus study are not new and the attempts to derive pressure ulcer risk assessment instruments are copious. However, what the proposed framework does is to include screening so that efforts can be focused on patients at risk (stage 1) followed by a full and detailed assessment of the risk in those at risk (stage 2), with algorithms to help decision-making about preventative measures.

The framework remains under evaluation for its ability to measure risk and, presumably, to reduce pressure sore incidence and this subsequent stage is already being funded by the National Institute for Health Research.


Coleman S, Nelson EA, Keen J, Wilson L, McGinnis E, Dealey C, Stubbs N, Muir D, Farrin A, Dowding D,  Schols JMGA, Cuddigan J, Berlowitz D, Jude E, Vowden P, Bader DL, Gefen A, Oomens CWJ, Schoonhoven L,  Nixon J (2014) Developing a pressure ulcer risk factor minimum data set and risk assessment framework Journal of Advanced Nursing doi: 10.1111/jan.12444

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