Thursday, 4 August 2016

Integral Option for Mitigating Conflict in Healthcare

Response to: Almost J., Wolff A.C., Stewart-Pyne A., McCormick L.G., Strachan D. & D'Souza C. (2016) Managing and mitigating conflict in healthcare teams: an integrative review. Journal of Advanced Nursing 72(7), 1490–1505

Wesley A. Harris  BSN, RN, CCRN
Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – White Rock
Texas, USA

I recently read the Almost et al. (2016) review regarding mitigating conflict in the healthcare arena, and I would like add an additional perspective. I was an ICU nurse for eight years, but have been a facility educator for the past two. I have dealt with serious conflict resolution several times in my career (with varying degrees of success), and I am always looking for new ways to manage conflict. Of course, conflict resolution is an important aspect of leadership because there will always be dissenting opinions and unpopular viewpoints that will need to be integrated into the team.

Yi (2016) recently completed a quasi-experimental investigation to measure the impact of team building exercises on young healthcare professionals. They emphasize the importance of formal training with regards to team building in order for healthcare professionals to improve communication and therefore mitigate conflict. My facility recently mandated biennial training from the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) and we are hopeful we will see similarly decreased conflict in our facility as well. It is my suggestion that your readers should also advocate for a formalized team building training program if they are serious about taking further action to mitigate these obstacles.


Almost, J., Wolff A.C., Stewart-Pyne, A., McCormick, L.G., Strachand, D. & D’Souza, C. (2016) Managing and mitigating con´Čéict in healthcare teams: an integrative review. Journal of Advanced Nursing 72(7), 1490–1505. doi: 10.1111/jan.12903

Yi, Y.J. (2016). Effects of team-building on communication and teamwork among nursing students. International Nursing Review, 63, 33-40.

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