Thursday, 24 September 2015

More on the dark side of open access

Lack of knowledge about hijacked journals is another dark side

Mehdi Dadkah
Foulad Institute of Technology
Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

I read the article: 'Authors and readers beware the dark side of Open Access' (Pickler et al. 2015). I would like to comment about hijacked journals as another dark side. In the editorial, the authors introduced predatory publishers as the dark side of open access publishing and state predatory journals are not generally indexed and published papers may not be available for other authors. I agree with the authors of this paper; most of the published papers in predatory journals are of low quality or have been copied from published papers in other journals by amateur researchers. Predatory journals are repository for bogus research and this work may get cited from reputable journals as explained by Beall; this can manipulate original research, thus it is necessary not to index predatory journals. Also most predatory journals are not in any reputable index, thus they do not deserve to receive papers from most authors.

Hijacked journals are fake websites for indexed journals. Forgers create websites for print version journals and cheat authors as explained by Jalalian. There is a lack of knowledge about hijacked journals and authors consider them to be reputable open access journals. These journals abuse the name of reputable publishers and have more chance of receiving papers from authors. It is necessary to start research about hijacked journals. By doing simple search Scopus, there are only eight papers about hijacked journals, but there are 37 papers which discuss the problem of predatory publishers. Hijacked journals lead to lost science, because their websites are available for only a short time. Also, we cannot consider all published papers in hijacked journals as bogus research, because professional researchers may be cheated by forgers due to their hijacked journal indexes.


Pickler, R., Noyes, J., Perry, L., Roe, B., Watson, R. and Hayter, M. (2015), Authors and readers beware the dark side of Open Access. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 71: 2221–2223. doi: 10.1111/jan.12589

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