Thursday, 13 November 2014

Nightingale versus Seacole…round two!

Roger Watson, Editor-in-Chief

You may recall ‘Nightingale versus Seacole…round one!’ which I wrote after we published McDonald’s (2013) less than complimentary piece on Mary Seacole’s contribution to modern nursing. That piece did not go unnoticed and as a result Staring-Derks et al. (2014) have recently published an article titled, ‘MarySeacole: global nurse extraodinaire’. I say as a result, rather than in reaction to, as Staring-Derks et al– while citing McDonald’s article – decided not to confront her arguments ‘head on’ and what results is a very measured, polite and well-referenced piece.

Clearly, by labelling these rounds one and two respectively I am hoping that further correspondence and articles will arise, perhaps not from the original ‘protagonists’ but from others with a view on the relative contributions of Nightingale and Seacole to modern nursing and healthcare.Whatever one’s view – and JAN is neutral in this debate – the influence of Mary Seacole is undeniable. I was in Edgbaston in Birmingham recently, taking a taxi past Birmingham City University, and noticed another Seacole Building; few universities where nursing is taught are without one. The Seacole ‘lobby’ and the move in the UK, for example, to have a statue erected in her honour, are well organised and influential. I am not aware of a similar ‘lobby’ for Florence Nightingale; perhaps her place in the history of nursing is assured.

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McDonald L (2013) Florence Nightingale and MarySeacole on nursing and health Journal of Advanced Nursing 70, 1436-1444

Staring-Derks C, Staring J, Anionwu E (2014) MarySeacole: global nurse extrodinaire Journal of Advanced Nursing doi: 10.1111/jan.12559

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